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Interviewing Tips for the Construction Professional:

Prior to the Interview:

During the Interview:

The Salary Question

The salary question deserves special mention. You need to answer this question, if asked, with caution. A careful and well-reasoned answer will present you in a good light as a smart, shrewd business person who will represent the company's interests with intelligence, while a careless answer can damage your prospects for the position. If you state a specific dollar figure, it may be lower than what the company would have offered you had you not said anything. Or it could be more than what the company could offer initially, yet there may be other mitigating factors that would still make the position attractive to you. In either case, you lose. The best answer is always something like this: "The roles, responsibilities and future potential with your company are more important to me than the salary. I am open to a fair and reasonable offer."

After The Interview

Always send a follow-up thank you letter. It has been our experience that this carries a great deal of weight with the employer. It is such a small thing, yet it is something few people take the time to do, even though it can be the deciding factor in getting an offer if you are competing with equally qualified candidates. It is very important, however, that the grammar, spelling, and punctuation be perfect. If this is not your strong area, have someone proofread your letter. If time is short, a well worded email is appropriate. If time allows, a typed or hand written note leaves an even more impactful impression. When was the last time you received a hand written note on excellent quality stationary? When you did, how quickly did you open that envelope? It's the attention to details that separates you from the others interviewing.

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"Alicia thank you for your upbeat and professional attitude. You are the only staffing agency that I have had the pleasure of working with. I would commend your services to every body that I know, in that you are of high caliber and have exceptional service."
~ Shervin Afzal, Senior Project Manager - Interstate Plumbing and Air Conditioning

"Having been both a candidate and an employer has allowed me to see the abilities of Alicia. She continues to provide the quality work that is needed in our industry. In over a decade she has not let me down. I have experienced no other as reliable as her."
~ Ben Moats, Senior Estimator - Harper Limbach Mechanical

"Alicia Sisk-Morris has worked with me for many months during these difficult times. She has always, always been responsive, responsible, competent, knowledgeable and very importantly, upbeat. I have never seen such bad times for our construction market, and business in general, and Alicia has persevered and managed to find employment for me and others. I would highly recommend Alicia."
~ David Homka, Division Manager - Southern Atlantic Mechanical

"Focused. Knowledgeable. Tenacious. Plus a good sense of humor! Alicia absolutely understands her market and how to identify the best match between great candidates and corporate opportunities. Whether you're a candidate who would appreciate some career management tips, or you're a hiring authority hoping to identify the best and the brightest to join your team, call Alicia. She will make it happen."
~ Lynn Failing, Vice President, Kimmel & Associates

"Alicia and I both started working in the recruiting industry in the late 1990's. We shared the same office for the first year and I noticed early on that she was motivated and driven. She has a knack for recruiting exceptional talent and her follow-thru is unmatched. Without a doubt I would recommend her and feel comfortable in saying that she will work hard in completing any search that crosses her desk."
~ Keith Swayngim, President, Blue Ridge Executive Search

"Success in the construction industry in today's economy will come from doing things differently; providing better candidates and innovative solutions to our clients needs. Alicia's experience and professional standards will be the solutions needed to make placements happen."
Chuck Landers, Vice President, Kimmel & Associates

"Alicia is a Professional in every sense of the word. Her work ethic is 2nd to none and she has complete knowledge and mastery of her territories and markets. She excels at customer/client satisfaction."
~ Sean Doyle, Consultant, Adams-CG

"I had the pleasure of working with Alicia for over 4 years at Kimmel and Associates. Alicia had a solid reputation within the company and with the clients and candidates with whom she worked. Alicia is a hard working, no nonsense consultant and tries her best to bring together the right candidate for the client and position."
~ Steven DeWeese, Vice President, GeoTherm Loop Services

"Alicia is a pleasure to work with. She takes her job seriously - and so she gets excellent results. She's a team person, company-oriented and very friendly - always upbeat with a great attitude."
~ Carole Gardner, Internet Marketing Professional

"Alicia is a true professional. She knows not only how to work hard but also how to work smart. She has an extensive knowledge of her market and is able to tap into the top level talent for her clients. She has a bright mind and a work ethic that is 2nd to none. Alicia is a very well-respected career consultant and works tirelessly."
~ Jeremy Carver, Associate, Kimmel & Associates

"Alicia's strategic approach and her knowledge of the construction industry and the recruitment process, when combined with her attention to detail and her professional integrity, is second to none. She knows how to partner with clients to help them achieve their goals. She can also find those hard-to-locate candidates every company wants to join their team."
~ Richard Laibson, Associate, Kimmel & Associates

"Over the years I have known and worked closely with Alicia as a client of hers where she presented me to various potential employers for respective open positions, she has always been "the total package", totally professional in all respects, always friendly and full of humor and good cheer.
~ Kent Craig, Senior Mechanical Estimator, Benham Companies LLC

"Alicia is one of only a handful of people I've ever met in this life who I trust absolutely without any reservation whatsoever. Time and time again she has proven herself to be worthy of this trust even during trying circumstances or rough seas. And she is also the MOST knowledgeable recruiter I've ever met within my/our industry, knowing the most intricate and arcane details of every kind of job description/ position and kind of company/contractor as well. "
~ Kent Craig, Senior Mechanical Estimator, Benham Companies LLC