What do you know about a Recruiter?

June 5, 2012 · 3 Comments


Guest Blog:  What do you know about a Recruiter?

 By Peg Codington 

Vice President Recruiting/Research of F.J. Bruckner & Co.


 This is a great question for anyone who’s worked with a recruiting firm, search agency or headhunter.  If you’re a successful professional, not doubt you’ve heard from several.


 Their objective is to learn as much as possible about you…your professional history, present situation, future goals and aspirations.  Many of you may be very accustomed to getting those calls, many questions about you.


 My questions are:  What do you ask/know about them?


 When you get that call, and the person on the other end of the line says they are a professional recruiter, or search consultant…more than likely they begin their “pitch” about a search/position and start peppering you with questions.


 More than likely, you’ve heard that before, and start delivering information, particularly if you’re interested in making a career move.


 How many of you have asked things about the person on the other end of the conversation to qualify him/her to represent your professional interests?


 ?  Who is this person that’s calling you?  Do they work alone, have a staff?


?  What company do they work with?

?  How long have they been in business?

?  Do they have any professional certifications?

?  What is their specialty?  Mechanical?  General Contracting?  Electrical?  Engineering/Architecture?  What sectors of the industry?  Commercial, Heavy Civil, Hospital/Healthcare, Residential, Heavy Industrial, etc?  Do they work nationally or regionally? How many companies do they truly represent?  Do they have any retained searches?  Are they just mass-marketing candidates?

?  How many placements have they made in the last 12 months?  What types of positions/companies?

?  Can that person provide professional references (I’m sure they will ask you for yours)

 One of the most precious aspects of anyone’s life is their career.  You’ve worked hard and deserve to be aligned with someone who’s your equal.  Think of your Search Professional as you would any other professional you depend on:  Your physician, attorney, financial advisor, etc.  These people you would vet carefully to take care of those arenas of your life.  Why would you be casual about someone handling your career?  It’s critical to your well-being that you uncover and be assured about who’s contacted you.  Ask important information OF THEM. 


 It can all make a huge difference on how you will be treated/handled and protected.  A true search professional can be a tremendous asset to you.  A poor one can damage your efforts.  Take the time to ask the right questions and you’ll be able to identify someone who can really progress your career.



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