Online Job Applications and the Construction Professional

February 2, 2012 ·

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I found this great little YouTube video that reviews tips on how to apply for job openings online.  Below I have listed my additional tips from a recruiter’s perspective as it relates to construction, engineering and mechanical / electrical professionals.

1.    When you pick a name for your resume... please do not call it "resume". Everyone does it and let’s face it, I get 1,000's of resumes named resume.  Name your resume with your own real name.  It helps me, the construction recruiter / head hunter, to quickly find your resume so I can submit it to a client.

2.    Put your resume in either Microsoft Word or a PDF format.  These are two universal software applications that almost anyone can open.  Other document formats are often hard to open and read.

3.    Please put your construction project list in the same document as your resume.  The project list can be incorporated as a part of each of your positions or it can be added at the end of your resume.  My personal favorite is to add it at the end.

4.    Not all resumes go through properly. It is perfectly OK to contact the construction recruiter or head hunter directly to make sure the file was received and that it can be viewed.  This will give your double to exposure and double your chances of applying successfully for the job.

5.    Please do not use any fancy fonts or colors on your resume.  Those do not translate well when the resume is uploaded digitally. Often times all I see is squiggles and shapes instead of your information.  You are doubling my work as a recruiter and your work as a job applicant as I will have to ask you to fix your resume and resubmit it.

6.    Please keep track of where your resume is going.  Nothing is more frustrating than to talk to someone who has sent their resume out to 100’s of companies and they have NO idea where it has been sent.  Help me to help you.  You need to track where each and every one of your resumes have gone.

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