9 Steps to making your personal or corporate resume Key Word friendly

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9 Steps to making your personal or corporate resume Key Word friendly:

This is part two of a two part article discussing Key Words.  In part one of this article we discussed how important it is to make your resume Key Word friendly.  Now here are some concrete steps to ensure your corporate or personal resume includes construction industry specific key words.

1. Make a list of every industry specific software program that you know.  Do not forget to include Excel if you are proficient in it.  Everyone will likely assume you know Microsoft Word and Outlook (if you work in an office these are programs everyone must know).  For example, Quickpen, AutoCAD, BIM, Estimation, Primavera, Microsoft Project.

2. Make a list of every type of construction project you have done.  Make this list as broad a list as you can.  You should try to include as many different types of projects (variety is better) as you can truthfully include.  This list would include projects like hospitals, schools, office buildings, power plants, food and beverage plants, water treatment plants, airports, stadiums etc.

3. Make a list of any special training that you have.  For example, OSHA 30 hr. course, med gas certifications, orbital welding skills, union apprenticeships.

4. If you have professional licenses you will want to make a list of which licenses you have and include what states you are licensed to work.  For example, Mechanical Professional Engineer (PE) licensed in NC, SC, GA, FL.  General Contractor licensed in PA, NJ, NY, or Electrical Contractor licensed in CA, TX, OK or Mechanical Contractor licensed in OH, IL, WI.

5. Make a list of all professional associations you belong.  For example, American Institute of CPA’s ( AICPA),Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA), National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), American Society of Professional Engineers (ASPE), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) or Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC).  Plumber & Pipefitters Union.  Please note, if you have held an office in your local chapters, I would also include that information with the organizations name.

6. Make a list of all of the systems that you are proficient.  For example, HVAC, plumbing, process piping, sheet metal, controls, instrumentation, fire sprinklers, fire alarms, electrical low voltage, electrical high voltage etc.

7. Projects are bid in a variety of ways.  Do you have experience in hard bid, private work, negotiated, design build, design assist, service?  If so, make a list of these as well.

8. THESE LISTS ARE YOUR KEY WORDS…. Now that you have them. Make sure they all appear in your resume in an organized and obvious fashion.  Ex. Put licenses under the heading of “Licenses”, put your software applications under the heading of “Software”.  Other items can be in a list and some you will want to sprinkle throughout the body of your text.  The important thing is to include all of them at some place within your resume.

9. When you have your resume completed, it is now time to reach out industry professionals for their assistance.  For your personal resume  this will be the  recruiter or head hunter or executive search professional that you know and trust.  For corporate resumes this may be your HR professional or your department manager.  If you have a positive relationship with your favorite recruiter, someone who knows your industry well, he/she will likely help you on your corporate resume as well.  The good recruiters are your professional career counselors when you need a job and when you do not.  I know I have always offered this service to all candidates and clients I have worked with in my career which began in the 1990’s.


This concludes part 2 of this two part discussion.  You can also view part one where we discuss how to make your own personal or corporate resume Key Word friendly.  

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